Collection: Chinese Boning Knife

We know that this type of knife is called Japanese Viking Knife or Husk Knife on Amazon or other well-known websites. But in fact, this type of knife has been used since ancient China, so we prefer to call it a Chinese boning knife. This kind of kitchen knife is used for deboning and cutting meat, cutting tendons and bones, and it is also the most popular knife type used by butchers. The blade of the boning knife is sharp and the curvature of the blade is obvious, which can be used for multiple purposes.

我们知道这一类的刀型在亚马逊或者其他知名的网站上被称为日式Viking Knife或者Husk Knife。但实际上这一类刀型是从中国古代一直沿用到现今的,因此我们更倾向于称它为中式剔骨刀。这种厨刀是用来剔骨削肉,切割筋骨,也是屠夫使用最多的、最喜爱的刀型。剔骨刀刀刃锋利,刀身弧度明显,可一刀多用。