How to choose the best Chinese kitchen knife for you?

How to choose the best Chinese kitchen knife for you?

How to choose the best Chinese kitchen knife for you?

1 The classification of kitchen knives.

When it comes to knives, you may immediately think of various types of German, Japanese or Western knives, but we neglect a long history and practical Chinese knife. In fact, there are many Chinese knives, and their functions are different. Today we are going to talk about the classification and selection of Chinese kitchen knives.

In fact, there are many types of Chinese kitchen knife, but because the change is mainly in the blade or thickness, the shape is rectangular, so it has been misunderstood that there is only one Chinese kitchen knife.

Chinese Slicing Knife

A slicing knife, as its name suggests, is used for slicing meat or vegetables, but its use is not limited to slicing. It also works well in filaments and squares. Its blade is not too thick, the cutting Angle is relatively small, relatively light to use.

If we study it carefully, the following slice knife will be subdivided into two kinds of PIAN DAO and SANG DAO. The former is more suitable for household use, and the latter is relatively thin with a thickness less than 4mm, which is more suitable for professional chefs to do fine knife work.



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Kitory Meat Cleaver 7 Inch German High Carbon Stainless Steel




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ZENG JIA DAO Vegetable Cleaver 8 Inch Safe Non-stick Coating Blade With Anti-slip Handle


Wenwu Dao

Wenwu Dao belongs to the relatively versatile kitchen knife. The “wen” refers to the basic meat can be sliced and diced, mainly rely on the front part of the blade. “Wu” refers to the ability to chop bone and meat, mainly relying on the back half of the blade, the thickness of the blade is generally greater than 3mm. Because of the combination of the two uses, so the front and back of the Wenwu blade cutting Angle is different.


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BLADESMITH Meat Cleaver Kitchen Chopping Knife 8 Inch

If you only want one kitchen knife in your kitchen, a Wenwu Dao is an excellent choice. However, universal knife does not mean that every ability is the best, but the function is more balanced. If you want your kitchen knife to be the best in every field, it is recommended to have an extra slicing knife and boning knife.


Kan Gu Dao

For those who cook a lot, a bone-chopping knife is a must. A bone cleaver is an almost essential tool in the kitchen. Bone chopping knife is specially designed for cutting bones, the general weight is heavier than the general knife, the knife back is thicker. It is usually rectangular, with a protruding belly, large, thick and heavy, used to cut ribs, fish heads, chicken femurs and other bones, with a blunt cutting edge.


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ZENG JIA DAO Heavy Duty Meat Chopper Bone Cutter 7 Inch


Jiu Jiang Dao

Also known as Kau Kong Chopper, this is because its knife shape curved like Jiujiang, so called Jiujiang Dao. General restaurants often prepare Jiujiang Dao, its blade head is obviously wider than the tail, the blade back is curved, open raw pick meat, head big back thick, especially cut big bone.


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SELECT MASTER Super Heavy Duty Meat Cleaver Knife Extreme Thick Heavy Blade


Shao La Dao

In Guangdong, China, almost all restaurants sell roast meat, such as roast goose, roast chicken, roast meat and so on. Shao La Dao is a common tool in roast meat, which can be used to cut meat, pork ribs, chicken, duck and goose and other cooked food.


Kitory Chinese Traditional Forged Cleaver

In addition to the above common Chinese kitchen knives, there are also some special knife types.

For example, the sliced duck knife, with its flat blade, is designed to give the duck a perfect slice and make it taste better.


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SELECT MASTER Nakiri Knife 8 Inch Stainless Steel

  Also, the Chinese pork knife, this kitchen knife and butcher knife is used for the same purpose, but the Chinese pork knife is more artificial, the knife body is heavy, the blade is more sharp, more conducive to the segmentation of large meat.


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Kitory Forged Butcher Knife 8.5 Inch 12 MM Thick Rail Steel Blade

2 The common material of Chinese kitchen knife

  • Carbon steel material

Carbon steel material is hard, good retention, and because of different microstructure, carbon steel blade is easier to grind than stainless steel blade, cutting force is better. They are cheap and good quality knives.

Disadvantages: Carbon steel blades are prone to rust and must be dried after use.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel knife contains other active metals in addition to iron, not easy to rust, but also more beautiful, easier to store.

  • High-end alloy steel material

Advantages: High carbon and low chromium steel, with excellent compromise characteristics, neither easy to rust, not easy to deformation, can be preserved for a long time.

3 Our existing Chinese kitchen knife brand

  • Kitory


  KITORY pursues high industry quality and super industry standards. Well-made tools are essential for cooking and that is our belief. We aim to increase the pleasure of cooking in your kitchen by providing special and high quality knives. We hope that our customers build a life-long love affair with the products we bring to the table.




High Hardness & Ultra Sharp & Rust-Proof

High Chromium - Rust-Proof

High Carbon - High Hardness. High Strength. Longer Edge Retention

Why Choose BLADESMITH Knife

High Quality Knife for You: BLADESMITH is committed to providing our customers with the absolute cost-effective and value products on our entire line of products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous quality control process.

Brand “BLADESMITH” : Fast Shipment! Guaranteed Quality!





Thick & Strong blade

thick blade - strong enough for boning.

Whole piece forged steel blade - more stable and avoids cracking.

Thin & Light - time & effort saving.

Hand-forged blade

Durable - Each knife undergoes 8 times of manual wet sharpening, with a 40° diamond angle double-sided sharpening which make it maintain smooth and sharp after prolonged used.

Easy maintenance - hand wash and keep it dry.





Owing to experienced craftsmen use the forging process to burn and strike the knives repeatedly, depending on the performance of the tool and the design pattern, to determine the forging angle, strength, and folding degree, making the knife more durable and flexible.



  • Long Quan Knife


Hundreds of years ago, Longquan in China was famous for making sharp, beautiful and practical swords, hence the name "Longquan Dao". Later, after further improvement of the technology, Longquan Dao entered people's vision again mainly as a kitchen knife. The back of the Longquan knife features a traditional pattern, comfortable ergonomic non-slip handle and high quality wood. Longquan Knife is very suitable for cutting meat and vegetables, and is also a versatile kitchen knife.




4 How to buy a Chinese kitchen knife

  • Choose the knife you need on the website
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Fill in the contact information and delivery address (please confirm that it is correct)
  • Place orders easily

  If you have any questions during the purchase, please feel free to contact us via email and we will reply you as soon as possible within 24-48 hours. Look forward to hearing from you.

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